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2020-12-27 15:28:00 UTC+8
2023-09-23 21:20:00 UTC+8
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  • am born and raised in Chongqing, China
  • got bachelor degree in Software Engineering at Nanjing University Software Institute at 2020 (from 2016)
  • got master degree in Computer Application Technology in Peking University School of Computer Science . My lab is at Computer Center
  • am a software engineer at Microsoft on Shanghai


  • Extreme passion to computers starting at the age of 4 and counting
  • Microsoft fan because Microsoft products bring me to the computer field
  • Huge fan of Battlefield, FPS and all games
  • Badminton, Self ranked 3+ (badmintoncn standard)
  • Prefer pure music (symphony, classic, piano, epic/trailer music...). Interested in choir recently
  • Like movies and musicals
    • The movies and musicals I have seen are on my douban profile.
  • Started playing electronic piano at the age of 4 and passed level 10 exam for amateurs at 11. Picking it up again recently
  • Consider solving problems and contributing to the world as the core value of everything in the world, and respect and love whoever and whatever does it.
  • Hope my work can help others work and live better

Programming Skills

  • Web Frontend:
    • Productive with React and Next.js stack using TypeScript
    • Rich project experiences
  • Web Backend:
    • Experienced at Node.js, ASP.NET Core and Go
    • Had few project experiences on Spring Boot
  • DevOps:
    • Experienced with docker and Kubernetes
    • Project management experiences, including pipeline automation using GitHub Actions
  • Mobile
    • Wechat MiniProgram: Wrote an Campus Yelp in a 48h hackathon
    • Android: Hello World level
    • Windows Phone: Hello World level
  • GUI
    • JavaFX: Intermediate
    • WinForm/WPF: Hello World level
  • Algorithm: 50% possible to solve a LeetCode medium problem
  • Languages
    • Productive: TypeScript/JavaScript, C#, Go
    • Familiar: Python, Kotlin, Java
    • Learning: Rust
    • May learn later: F#, C++

Personal Devices

Lenovo Yoga Pro 13s Carboni5 1135G7/16G/512G PM9A1/2560*1600/966gNov, 2020
Custom Desktop PCR9 5900X/RTX 3070/64G//4T J.ZAO KP + 1T C2000Pro/RGBDec, 2020
MSI MAG 274UPF27'/3840*2160/144Hz/HDR400Sept, 2023
Xiaomi 14Snapdragon 8 Gen 3/16G/512GNov, 2023
Amazfit Watch GTR 3 ProN/AOct, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 ProN/AJun, 2023