Junda Chen

陈俊达 | ddadaal@outlook.com | QQ 540232834 | WeChat ddadaal | https://ddadaal.me


Peking University, School of Computer Science, Master September 2020-Present

Computer Technologies; Graduated at July 2023; GPA 3.76/4.0

  • Design, implement and manage information systems at PKU Computer Center HPC team

Nanjing University, Software Institute, Bachelor September 2016-July 2020

Software Engineering; Graduated at 2020;GPA 4.62/5.0; Rank 1/220

  • National Scholarship (2016-2017), Tung OOCL Scholarship and Outstanding Student of School (2017-2018), SZSE Scholarship (2018-2019), Outstanding Undergraduate

Work Experiences

Microsoft Asia Technology Limited, Shanghai Oct 2023-Present

Software Engineer at C+AI Azure Edge+ Platform

  • Development on Kubernetes on Azure Arc

Internship Experiences

Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group (Shanghai) July-September, 2022

  • Implemented a Kubernetes CSI Driver that supports ReadWriteMany on top of any storage classes

Alluxio Inc., BeijingDec 2021-Mar 2022

  • Alluxio provides an unified filesystem for multiple types of storages
  • Implemented libfuse3 support for Alluxio FUSE and is released in Alluxio v2.8

Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group (Suzhou) July-October, 2019

  • Implemented new features and optimizing code

Recent Project Experiences (https://github.com/ddadaal; Personal Website: https://ddadaal.me)

SCOW https://github.com/PKUHPC/SCOW Sept 2021-Present

  • A Web based HPC Portal and Management Information System, including Account Management, Job Management, Billing, Terminal, File Management, Interactive Tasks
  • Until Dec 2023, SCOW has been deployed (or has been decided to be deployed) on 35 companies in 13 provinces across China
  • Independently completed core features, determined technology stack and architecture, established development standards and processes. All have been continuously used to today
  • Current responsibilities include code review, solving problems and making decisions in technology
  • Published a paper SCOW: An Open Source HPC Web Portal and Management System on HPC China 2022. Received the only full marks review at SOP track and nominated excellent article

Notable Open Source Experiences

  • `muety/wakapi: A Go Web Project with 2.1K star, a self-deployable WakaTime backend. Support Microsoft SQL Server in PR #592
  • next-typed-api-routes: Use A TS interface to generate parameter validation, server and client type completion, and faster serialization
  • react-typed-i18n: A Strongly typed i18n library providing text ID type check and zero runtime cost
  • tsgrpc: A gRPC server framework in TypeScript, a wrapper to generate protobuf files and utility functions. Used in SCOW

Competition Awards

  • First Prize of 2023 HackPKU Hackathon: WebGPU and Running AI models from Browser. Worked on WebGPU and application
  • Excellence Award of 2022 "WuDaoZhiDian" AI Innovation Applicaton Competition: Generate Video from Text. Worked on Web frontend and backend
  • Second Prize of 2021 HackPKU Hackathon: A Canteen Rating Mini Program. Worked on mini program.
  • First Prize of 2020 Blockchain Network Security Application Innovation Competition: Education Information Validation System based on Blockchain. Worked on project rewrite and web frontend redesign
  • First Prize of 2019 NJU & Vivo Hackathon: Academic Paper Sharing and Social Platform. Worked on web frontend
  • First Prize of 2018 The 14th Citi Financial Innovation Application Competition: AI based Asset Allocation System. Worked on frontend
  • Third Prize of 2018 Chain Valley(链谷杯)National Blockchain Application Competition; Eastern China Regional First Prize of The Third National College Blockchain Competition: A Blockchain Information Hosting Platform like GitHub. Worked on architecture and demo app


  • Familiar with Web Frontend (React stack)、Web Backend (Node.js) implementation and design
  • Familiar with Kubernetes and containerized architecture. Capable of independently managing, developing and maintaining a small web project and project management
  • Familiar with TypeScript/JavaScript, C#, Go, Python. Have project experiences in Java, Rust etc.