Chen Junda

陈俊达 | ddadaal@outlook.com | QQ 540232834 | WeChat ddadaal | https://ddadaal.me


Peking University, EECS September 2020-Present

Pursuing Master in Computer Technologies; Expected Graduation at July 2023; GPA 3.73/4.0, All professional courses grades above A-

  • Design, implement and manage information systems and internal GitLab and CI/CD infrastructures at PKU Computer Center HPC team

Nanjing University, Software Institude September 2016-July 2020

Bacholar in Software Engineering; Graduated at 2020;GPA 4.62/5.0; Rank 1/220

  • National Scholarship (2016-2017), Tung OOCL Scholarship and Outstanding Student of School (2017-2018), SZSE Scholarship (2018-2019), Outstanding Undergraduate

Internship Experiences

Microsoft STCA SuzhouJuly-Octorber, 2019

Software Engineer Intern

  • On deployment monitor system at Office 365 Deployment Team; Implemented new features and optimized performance and code design

Project Experiences (GitHub: ddadaal; Personal Website: https://ddadaal.me)

SCOW https://github.com/PKUHPC/SCOW Sept 2021-Present

  • A Web based HPC Portal and Management Information System, including Account Management, Job Management, Billing, Terminal, File Management, Interactive Tasks
  • Deployed on multiple clusters nationwide
  • Initially responsible for development and maintenance. Currently leading a team of 10+ as the chief technical officer. Participate in project requirements and development discussions.
  • Submitted paper SCOW: An Open Source HPC Web Portal and Management System on HPC China 2022. Received the only full marks review at SOP track and awarded as an excellent article。

Official Website of 3th Data Driven Innovation Competition data-competition.pku.edu.cn March-July, 2021

  • Functionalities include team registration & management, result submission and more.
  • Independently develop and maintain the website according to the requirements provided by organizers
  • 1000 users, 200 teams, 73000 PVs till now
  • Technologies: gRPC, Next.js, TypeScript, Docker, MySQL

Awards from Projects

  • First Prize of 2023 HackPKU Hackathon (WebGPU and Running AI models from Browser. Worked on WebGPU and application)
  • Second Prize of 2021 HackPKU Hackathon (A Canteen Rating Mini Program. Worked on mini program.)
  • First Prize of 2020 Blockchain Network Security Application Innovation Competition (Education Information Validation System based on Blockchain. Worked on project rewrite and web frontend redesign)
  • First Prize of 2019 NJU & Vivo Hackathon (Academic Paper Sharing and Social Platform. Worked on web frontend)
  • First Prize of 2018 The 14th Citi Financial Innovation Application Competition (Asset Allocation System based on AI. Worked on frontend)
  • Third Prize of 2018 Chain Valley(链谷杯)National Blockchain Application Competition; Eastern China Regional First Prize of The Third National College Blockchain Competition (Blockchain Information Platform like GitHub. Worked on architecture and demo app)

Notable Open Source Libraries and Experiences

  • next-typed-api-routes
    • Use TS interface per API route to generate parameter validation, server and client type completion, and faster serialization
  • react-typed-i18n
    • A Strongly typed i18n library. Define the mapping from text id and text, and this library uses TS's type system to provide type check and completion for ID. Zero runtime cost.
  • tsgrpc
    • A gRPC server framework in TypeScript with APIs similar to fastify; a wrapper to generate protobuf files, and some utility functions
  • Contributed to fastify, fastify-multipart and more open source projects


  • Familiar with Web Frontend (React stack)、Web Backend (Node.js) implementation and design. Capable of independently managing, developing and maintaining a small web project.
  • Familiar with TypeScript/JavaScript, C#. Have project experiences in Java, Python, Go, Rust etc.
  • Implemented Compiler lexer, parser, IR optimization, Android Auto Testing, Some graph related algorithms, Raft in Go and Rust as course assignments
  • President of NJU Microsoft Student Club in 2018-2019. Experiences and contributions are credited by MSRA WeChat Official Account: https://ddadaal.me/r/msc