A Personal Blog Odyssey

2018-12-19 23:45:00 UTC+8
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VicBlog was a story, an odyssey, that has started at 2010 and still goes on.

Pre-2010: Awareness

Personal blog was a FASHION for Internet pioneers at the time when Internet and computers were not accessed and owned by everyone.

Ordinary people recorded their everyday lives, just as what we do in social media today.

Professionals selflessly shared their experiences and knowledge, with which learners from around the world can learn and improve themselves as they wished, like MOOC but completely voluntary and free of charge. They even communicated a lot via comments, emails and IMs.

Independent webmasters even made profits from their sites with high-quality contents, cooperation with companies or ads.

Some of blog owners, however, styled their blogs with tons of animations, colors and weird shapes, impressing the viewers most of whom were just new to this fancy world.


A blog is one's free zone.

It was 2010. At my age of 12, with the desire to have my own "free zone", I stepped onto the road to seek my dream blog.

2010-2013: Exploration

lofter, QQZone...

Several blog services from online providers are full of functions out of box and have no hassles to use them, but always left me unsatisfied: they make me feel limited.

WordPress, typecho...

When I started to learn the skills to build a site, I found self-hosting blog fancier and more attractive. I chose typecho for its simplicity and customizability. The joy, proud and satisfaction when I applied a Windows 8 Metro theme onto my typecho site hosted on SAE in 2012 are still fresh and rememberable today.

My days in junior high school were complemented by the exploration of and the attempts to crafting the best blog for myself.

2013: Dimmed Spark

The story doesn't end here. Despite of the rich functionalities and customizability, these blogs are still programmed by others. The limits still exist.

As I grew up and learned more, I started to seek for something truly mine, something that I am the true master of.

It was a hot day in my summer vacation, after the High School Entrance Exam. A seemingly crazy idea struke me.

How about building my blog by myself from scratch?

  • I could implement WHATEVER functions I WANT, decorated my blog with WHATEVER I WANT, and kept up with the rapidly developing technical trend. In other words, I will never be LIMITED.
  • During the development, my techniques can be trained, making me a better programmer.
  • Implementing my own's blog is SO COOOOOOOOL anyway, isn't it?

But it is impossible.

  • I was only slightly capable of writing simple programs with VBS and C#.
  • HTML/CSS were aliens to me, not to mention full-fledge programming languages and framework.

What's worse, high school was around the corner. If I would like to be admitted into a good university, I had to focus on study more than anything else. Not only self-building blog but the all the blog things must be compromised.

It was 2013.

Building my own personal blog was an idea emerged at my age of 15....

which was put aside.


To be continued...